If your child didn't get the kindergarten spot you asked for, try to stay calm. Waitlists at schools move over the spring and summer. We have seen it happen year after year. Children get offers on a rolling basis as families make final choices. Hang in there.

The city sent out offers for kindergarten seats last week: about 71 percent received an offer to their first choice and overall, 85 percent got one of their top three choices.

In all, 205 applicants landed on waitlists at their zoned schools. In 2016, more than 1,000 children were waitlisted at 65 schools, according to Chalkbeat. Twenty-three zoned schools have waitlists for children living in the zone. PS 40 Augustus Saint-Gaudens tops the list with 27 students followed by The Queens School for Leadership and Excellence and PS 8 Robert Fulton.

In many cases, the waitlists for zoned students will clear by May; in most others, they clear by summer as families opt for gifted and talented programs or private schools.

Your child is automatically placed on waitlists for all the choices above the one you got. Our advice: Email the parent coordinator at the school you want. Stay in friendly touch. Be easy to reach.

You can accept your child’s kindergarten offer at MySchools.nyc if you applied online, by emailing [email protected] or by calling 718-935-2009.

Accepting a spot won't keep you from getting an offer at a school where you are waitlisted, from a gifted and talented program or charter school. Admissions letters from G&T and charters come later in the spring.

Previously, registration was done in person, with your child, your child's birth certificate and immunization records, and proof of residence (a lease or electric bill). Schools and superintendents are working out how registration will work this year, and will reach out to families directly, the Department of Education told Chalkbeat, who also posted the NYC kindergarten waitlists for 2020-21.

Meanwhile, read our school profiles and check the “School Stats” section to learn more. You may discover alternatives that are acceptable. Otherwise, take a breath and give waitlists time.

For more information, read our How to Enroll guide and visit the Kindergarten page at the Department of Education website.