As anxious 8th-graders wait to find out where they’ll be going to high school next year, City Limits reports on the reality that many of them will face in September—long commutes.

When I advise parents and students on the high school admissions process, I always encourage them to “block out the noise” of what other folks say are the “best” schools and tell them to focus on what’s important to them, including what they can handle. For instance, take size: some students blossom amid the hustle of a large high school such as Murrow, Francis Lewis or New Dorp, while others may get anxious and overwhelmed in such an environment.

The same goes for commutes. Some students can handle a daily haul from, say, Far Rockaway to midtown Manhattan, or Bayside to the Bronx, but plenty can’t—and they shouldn’t have to.

When is a commute too long? The answer is, it depends. If you’re a parent, you know your child. If you’re a student, think through the commute in all kinds of weather and times of year. Of course it depends on the quality of the nearby options (can you live with that option or is it worth traveling?), it depends on how close you are to subway lines and bus routes (think of those dark mid-winter days) and of course, it depends on the stamina and needs of the individual child.

Please share in the COMMENTS: Did you consider the commute when you applied to schools? Do you have a long commute now? Any tips for making your commute more manageable?