Choose carefully. Once you enroll, it’s really hard to transfer. Carefully read our school profiles for your ranked schools, including the School Stats section and the comments to see what current and former students have to say about the school.

Don't let your friends sway your decision. No school can accept every qualified student, so it's likely that friends will attend different high schools. Trust that you will make new friends.

Triple check your application form. Each student gets a personalized application listing key information such as 7th grade state ELA and math test scores, final grades in core subjects and their zoned school, if they have one. Read the application carefully and tell your guidance counselor if any information is incorrect.

Practice before auditions. The experience varies by school, but some auditions can take hours, with students spending most of the time waiting for their turn. Our advice: Bring a snack, something to drink and something to keep you calm while you pass the time such as a book, puzzles, or music to listen to with headphones.

For interviews - be prompt, be prepared, be enthusiastic and be yourself. Talk about what you genuinely like to do and why you like the school in your own words. Some schools interview students in small groups, so if you are on the quiet side, do your best to speak up. And, if you love to talk, that’s great, but remember to be polite and not interrupt when the interviewer or another student is speaking.

After you hand in your application, relax until early March when results are in.